Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Early Evening

It's a quiet night at home for me and The Boys. We have nowhere to go so we're all going to bed early and get some much needed extra sleep. Since the rush of deadline work is past I'm back to my previous routine of a project for home and one for the bus. My bus knitting is a pair of brown socks (with yarn given to me by my Pgh SP -- Thanks again Holly!) and my home project is the Fuzzy Feet. Donna who commented yesterday was MY Pgh Secret Pal. I never officially "outed" it so this is it! I'm devastated that she figured it out by herself, though. I thought I was so clandestine! Wonder what gave me away? Anyways, Donna, the yarn I'm using is the same as the purple/white/black yarn I sent you -- "Sweet Sensation". Stay tuned for how it does felting.

Our photos for the day are my "Fairisle Sampler Socks", one of the eight pairs of socks I knit my husband last summer to take off to China.

Although he did wear several of the other socks, I'm not certain he wore these (he didn't feel they were very masculine).
Notice how the pattern morphs in the gusset. That took some figgurin'! Here are some close-ups of a few of my favorite motifs. The yarn is J&P Coats Royale Fashion Crochet thread in the size 3. Dave's safety regs specify all 100% cotton clothing, so this made a nice cotton sock yarn. I used size 2 needles. It was a fun exercise in Fairisle knitting. I would recommend it to the adventurous sock knitter. All the patterns are from Fabulous Fairisle by John Allen. The color choices are my own.

OOOh look! Creating Textiles found a Random Resolution Generator. Check out mine:

Finally a resolution I'm likely to keep!

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Eat more junk food.

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Donna said...

oooh yes I will keep checking to see how the yarn felts. I am still trying to figure out what I want to make with it. I am working on fuzzy feet for me right now. I am trying to make them look like uggs when they are done. We will see......