Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Project

I started a new project. Blogger is being difficult and apparently won't allow me to upload an image, or I'd show you. I'm making a pair of Fuzzy Feet. And I've already used up one more skein of yarn. That's 7 so far.

Dave contacted me from France. He's working in Fontainebleau which is about an hour south of Paris.

And I LOVE my new coffee maker! I got the Cuisinart "Grind and Brew" for Christmas. It's programmable. So this morning while I was in the shower suddenly the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafted up from downstairs...

Yeah! Blogger relented and allowed me to upload my image:

Notice the beautiful stitch markers. I've never used this yarn before, I hope it felts ok. We'll see. Otherwise I'll have some BIG slippers.

1 comment:

Donna said...

your fuzzy foot is going to be so pretty! I have made two pairs already, and they turned out great. Now I only have two more pairs to do.