Thursday, January 05, 2006

One Foot Closer to Paris

One Fuzzy Foot down, one to go. I finished the first of the pair and here it is pictured with my foot, pre-felting. It is not easy taking a picture of your own foot, let me tell you! I want to get the pair done to take with me to Paris.

Speaking of Paris, I got a hot tip on the bus this morning that there was a new knit/crochet magazine with an article about knitting in Paris. I was immediately on the hunt, and tracked it down at lunch today. It's the premiere issue of Easy Knit and Crochet Ideas. They say "Don't miss the ... yarn shop La Droguerie..."(and they provide the address). Also, and maybe more important, "Take your yarn to the American bookstore Brentano's, which hosts a knitting gathering on Saturday mornings." Woo Hoo, I'm there baby! Now I don't feel so bad about missing our Knitting Night next Friday. I'm sure it will be a poor substitute guys, but I can still get my group knitting fix. I'll get busy and make some stitch markers to share. I'm going to try to track down an e-mail address to verify there will be a meeting.


Celtic Queen said...

You're going to Paris and the thing you're most excited about is knitting? How romantic. ;) Although it is nice to have that life line.

hollyboc said...

Je souhaite que je pourrais tricoter a Paris!! :-)

Donna said...

I keep checking on the fuzzy feet. I am actually working on mine and they are almost done. I hope to get them felted tonight. Mine are pick with white trim and brown soles. I will post pics when they are done.