Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Secrets Revealed

Finally, Saturday. My last day in Paris. Dave wanted to visit the Louvre (he'd never been there), so off we trekked. We saw Mona Lisa (they don't let you take photos of her anymore, although I snapped one when I was there a couple years ago). And lots of other impressive artwork. Dave had a "Top 10 Things to See at the Louvre" list so we trekked up and down, hither and yon to take them all in. I ended up seeing alot of the Dutch Masters because I wandered off and got lost in that wing. Shortly after arriving I snapped this photo of Egyptian spindles. And I did see "The Lacemaker" by Vermeer (it was one of the "Top 10") as well, but no picture (sorry!).

And.....YES! I did make it to La Droguerie!

Wow! I have to say, hands down this was the busiest yarn shop I have
ever visited, by far. I ended up buying this yarn which I must really like, because this is the third incarnation of this same yarn (navy tweed) that I've purchased. I'm thinking I'll make a vest or use it with something else for a sweater.

And, Secret Projects revealed! I was working on this ensemble for the younger Celting's birthday while travelling. (I completed the hat while delayed on my flight to Philadelphia, much to the amazement of my fellow travellers). Don't you just love the colors? The yellow is even more eye-popping in person. I'm a big believer on truly BRIGHT colors for young children. Makes them easier to spot in crowds. He also received a "regular" blue (not really) sweater. And some ugly men, as my mother always referred to action figures. He was honestly as excited about the knitted goods as the ugly men. Celtic Queen has raised him right!

Here he is excitedly ripping into the bag.

The dog was less thrilled about them, as you can see. (Although she does try to eat my fuzzy mittens every time I go over.)

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Celtic Queen said...

All will be pleased to note that he was THRILLED that it was finally cold enough to need the whole ensemble which has been dubbed "Magic" because they go with his "magic" socks. :)