Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Blogger has scheduled an outage in 35 minutes, so I'll try to be quick.
I went to the Judy Garland scarf knit-along on Saturday.

There were a couple of babes one reaaallllly long scarf, and lots of knitters and food.
That's me waaay down there on the left. I not only knit on Judy but did some crochet too. (What can I say, I'm a woman of many talents.) Dave came with me and played a little guitar for us (it was the new guitar) which was very nice. Hopefully everyone else thought so too. We both enjoyed the afternoon. A big thanks to Steven for organising the whole thing!

And a quick note to Holly -- the rest of the VK is ok, there are some good articles and a couple other (nicer) sweaters. And I'm thinking one could take the pieces from the cover sweater and make a blanket out of them. Maybe if I have time. The construction does intrigue me.

And CQ, we'll see about Maryland. I'm struggling with the yarn thing already. Well, gotta go, my time is up!

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