Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cabling Without A Cable Needle -- Back Cross Part I

Ok, so I edited yesterday. This manuever is a "Back Cross". Your instructions will read "Slip next N stitches to a cable needle and hold in back of work, knit next Second N stitches, then knit stitches from cable needle." For our example, I'm knitting a six stitch 3X3 cable, so N and Second N are both 3. Got that?
Skip the first 3 (N) stitches on the left hand needle and insert the right hand needle into the front of the next 3 (Second N) stitches. Wiggle the needle around and get them all on there. The first 3 (N) stitches are still on the left hand needle. (See them?)

Now, slip the first 3 (N) stitches off the left hand needle and off into space. But not too far. Here's my BIG TIP, which I haven't seen published anywhere else. HOLD the stitches at their base with your right index finger by pushing them against your right needle tip. They'll sit there all nice and well behaved for you. The second 3 (Second N) stitches are already on your right needle. See the photo above. Can you see how my right index finger is holding the stitches against the needle? See the stitches' little loops poking up all nice and ready to be picked up over the needle?
Finally, using your left needle tip, pick up your hanging stitches from behind the right needle. Just slide the needle tip right into those loops that were sticking up.

Ok, so tune in tomorrow for Part II, Completing the Cable Cross. Sorry, Blogger only allows so many pics in a post, and I seem to have hit the wall. A special great big Thank-you to the Blogless Stacy for taking the pictures. Also, did you notice The Judy in the background??

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