Friday, January 05, 2007

Just What I've Always Wanted

I got the new issue of Vogue Knitting in the mail yesterday. Look at this cover sweater. First of all the model is just freaky-looking. She looks like an elf (and I mean that in the best possible way. Really.) I guess "otherwordly" was what they were going for here, but its weird. And the sweater. Come on. First off, it looks like you just couldn't afford the yarn for a whole sweater. And then the circles on the boobs? Come on! They look like pasties! I swore it was a guy who designed it. I thought "No one but a man would ever believe that women want to wear knit pasties on their boobs." But no, it was Norah Gaughan! And it's a pity, because it looks kinda interesting and like something I might like to make/wear except for the whole pasties thing. I'm thinking if she had designed a whole freaking sweater she'd have had room to move the circles around a bit so they weren't boob targets. Because to give her credit, it does look like she tried, the left front circle is not exactly centered on the boob. But there's just not enough room to work with there.

I've cast on for the sleeve of The Husby. Once I get that done I'll have a better idea of how much yarn the whole sweater is going to take (back + one sleeve = ~1/2 a sweater) and I'll know if I have to order more yarn (I'm worried about it). I'm hoping to get much knitting done this weekend. I have to take my dad tomorrow for some blood work, so maybe I'll have to wait awhile.

And to answer Celtic Queen's question from yesterday, I will not be buying yarn (or fiber!) at MDS&W (although it might just kill me!) Instead I'll stock up on books, needles, and other fiber supplies.


hollyboc said...

I haven't seen the new Vogue yet. Hopefully that isn't an indication of what the whole issue is like. That's my favorite magazine. Happy Anniversary!

Celtic Queen said...

So I was thinking they were going for the whole Marie Antoinette thing. And despite the target on your boobs sweater, I kind of like the blue/cream one made with Lorna's Laces. Actually considering making it.

And I thought of a loop hole for fiber @ MDSW.... you buy my books/needles/notions... I'll buy your fiber, we swap! After all we don't want your head to explode. :)

Zeeppo said...

If I man had dedigned it they would have made an entire sweater. Abd they would have used a model that had boobs.