Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Don't Work So Fast

I'm behind at work. Not through any fault of my own, I'm down a person and so I'm trying to do the work of two and am just slipping behind. I have some temporary help this week and permission to work overtime so I'm making a valiant effort to catch up. But apparently our system is incapable of handling three women working their hardest. I got an e-mail from the system admin complaining about the amount of stuff we've put on the system. So I was told, essentially, "Don't work so fast". Gotta love that.

In Blogging News, I'm trying to put the "Knit From Your Stash 2007" button in my sidebar with no success. Don't know what's up with Blogger there.

And in knitting, I'm working on my last sleeve cap and my last skein of yarn on The Husby. I'd show you a picture but my camera is AWOL and my knees aren't up to the stairs again. It's going to be close. I'm hoping to get the knitting and sewing done so I can just do the collar at knitting on Friday. It looks like Heather and I are going to be in a dead heat to the finish.

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Heather said...

AH, you know you are going to dust me...