Monday, January 15, 2007

I've Overshot the Mark

I discovered on the commute to work this morning that I'd gone too far in knitting the front of The Husby and will have to rip back two to three inches for the armhole decreases. So I had to squander the remainder of my commute knitting time working on the latest Fuzzy Feet for Older Son. (I couldn't just sit there, after all.) I'm sure Heather will be pleased. (Or at least her husband will be!) She's still definately in the lead in the Husband Sweater Knit-Off 2007. (Wonder if we can get a button for that?) She's already decreasing at the yoke and closing in on the neckline. I definately think her Mister owes me for encouraging Heather along in the completion of his sweater with a little friendly competition. I think some baked goods might be in order.

And Teenagers....Dave and Younger Son went camping last Friday leaving OS and I at home. Well, Friday was knitting night (B&N at South Hills Village, next meeting Jan. 26) so I got home late (we close the place -- they're escorting us out after last call) and OS was asleep when I got in. I got up a little late for me (aboutt 8 AM) Saturday morning, showered, and left to run my usual Saturday errands. OS was still asleep. Dave called me about noon.

Dave: So, OS tells me you never came home last night.

Me: I was there, he was sleeping.

Dave: That's what you say...

Me: Well, I took a shower this morning, you can check.

Dave: Are you saying you left all your hair in the tub for me to clean up?

Me: Well...

Dave But you would take a shower if you were going somewhere you needed to take a shower to go...

Me: Whatever. I'll be home in about 20 minutes.

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Heather said...

Oh, you are just trying to be nice to me... I mean My Mister- Hey, you didn't take a shower for him, did you? geesh, I thought we were friends! I am decreasing, thanks for the advice about faking the decreases for the first part, I think it worked out nicely. As far as the baked goods go... who is baking for whom? I have warm Banana Oat Muffins on the counter... how quick can you get here? Would love to watch you frog :p