Friday, October 27, 2006


I am safely home and in surprisingly minimal discomfort after my knee surgery today. (But I have taken a vicadin and am having more trouble than I would have expected typing.) I'm still having trouble with the crutches, as I told CQ when I called to give her the sad news that I had indeed survived and she was not about to inherit my stash. You know, because I'm so graceful and well coordinated.
Really the only casualty was my Clapotis, I missed an increase at the end of the row, and had to correct it on the next one. The yarn is Soy Wool Stripes in the Natural Navy colorway. It is my current "on the go" knitting project. I'm hoping to finish and wear it for Thanksgiving. I'm still working on Camo Christmas at home. And oh, how terrible, I have to sit all weekend with my leg elevated, watching TV and knitting (and with the occasional narcotic supplement). The only fly in the ointment there is that I'm dependent on the guys to bring me food. Well, I was hoping to lose some weight anyways.
I'll leave with another photo of the Celtings, at the request of my Evil Twin. I love this one!

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