Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Knitting Night

Celtic Queen and I arrived for our regular knitting night at B&N at South Hills Village to see in our regular spot by the cafe (and knitting books):

John Ratzenberger. I did not speak to him, but Stacey did, and said he was very nice and even did the voice of Hamm from Toy Story for her daughter. So I guess I can forgive him for usurping our knitting spot. Although I did mention that we should go and take over the spot by force seeing as how we had a bigger crowd of knitters than he had for his book signing. And he didn't come and see us, even though we were making things in America. (And really, it's not like he could have missed us -- Stacy's husband came over and told us we were so rowdy he could hear us all over the store.) I presented CQ with her slightly delayed birthday gift:

The KiPper bag set from KnitPicks. And CQ heard about my bad day last Thursday and got me this:

Trekking XXL in the bright primary colorway. Yeah! Happy colors! She told me she got a skein for herself and I mentioned I was jealous because I'd been looking for it, so she went back and got me my own skein!

Soccer was cancelled this weekend, so there was no shivering and knitting on the sidelines for me. But the Celtings invited me to lunch with them instead.

Aren't they a couple of cuties?

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