Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knitting News

I've been knitting. I finished the replacement Flashy Glove, and the Lucky Gloves,
and started Younger Son's Birthday Sweater. I've got the body and some of the first sleeve done. Yes, that's the end of a skein of yarn there. That makes two skeins I've used up! Whoo Hoo! I'm on a roll. Next up is Older Son's Christmas Sweater.

In other news, I'm dissatisfied. I hate my job, I want to quit and go work in a yarn shop. (Anyone interested?) I actually told my boss that. I also want to divorce my husband and move away. I'm going to marry a younger, really good looking guy who adores me and takes out the garbage and start a new family. My new kids will not only be better looking, but better behaved and will always do their homework. They'll have curly hair, too. Or, I could just be a little bit hormonal.

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Celtic Queen said...

Perhaps you should've taken Dan Marino up on that date. Curly hair, a good deal of money to allow you to have your own yarn shop, and he's got decent genetics to give you good looking kids. Heck you might've even had a made. Oh the folly of youthful choices. ;)