Wednesday, October 11, 2006


...I'll let the family stay. But there will have to be some grovelling and begging. Extravagant gifts wouldn't go amiss either. AND, they all have to take an oath of obedience, and some (at least one) of them will have to spend some time at the gym and (more importantly) the home improvement store. I may still be just a tad hormonal. Also, I had to clean the bathroom. Enough said.

In knitting news, I have finished the first sleeve in Younger Son's Birthday Sweater, and am knitting the ribbing on sleeve #2. Whoopee! I might get this done by early next week. Then on to the Christmas knitting. Ack!

Over the weekend the boys, Dave and I met up with Heather and her boys for fun at Trax Farms. We got lost in the corn maze (a kid had to lead us out.) And it was wierd, while we were in the maze it got really cloudy, then cleared up after we got out. Someone cue the ominous music!
Younger Son picked a pumpkin that weighs almost as much as he does, and I got some yummy apples.
Here's everyone but me ('cause I'm taking the picture) waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Wait! Does that make me the Great Pumpkin? I knew I should have worn something orange!

And yes, if you read CQ's comment Dan Marino did once ask me out on a date (in college) and I did refuse. (What was I thinking!?) I'd forgotten about the curly hair, though.

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