Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's a Guy Thing

After a false start (Hint: Don't cast-on a new project late at night when you're really tired) I've knit this much on Older Son's Christmas sweater. It's a 4X1 rib, and I have to tell you, I'm digging on the reverse side (the top of the circle in the pic). I'm going to finish it so it will be reversible. I'm also really liking the colors here. This is Red Heart in the "Camouflage" color. (I know!) But these are OS's colors. And I wanted a variegated. I could have used Patons Camouflage yarn, but there's a story there. I was sitting with Celtic Queen shivering and knitting at the Elder Celting's soccer match, and she was telling me all about the sweaters she was going to make for the Celtings out of the Paton's yarn. Later that day I stopped at the craft store and Lo and Behold! there was the Camouflage yarn! And I thought "Hmmm, Older Son would look really good in those colors." But I couldn't do it, it was right after CQ told me about her sweaters! It'd be like I was copying her! So I didn't get it, but then I was buying another plastic cedar yarn storage bin and the Red Heart was there and....well, I was weak. Why is it so hard, to find manly variegateds though?

In other news, I'm waiting for my Knit Picks order to arrive. I'm hoping that it gets here by Friday so I can take it to knitting. (And as much as I love Knit Picks, they need to work on their manly colorways.)

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