Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Still knitting the Camo Christmas sweater. Everyone I've shown it to likes the backside better than the front, so that will probably end up being the "right" side when it's done. (But I'll still make it reversible.) As soon as it gets to the joining of the body and shoulders I'll have to take something else for bus knitting. I have to make another pair of Fuzzy Feet for Younger Son (for reasons I can't go into at the present), which I hope to get done by his birthday. So probably those, then the SWS Clapotis for Thanksgiving. By then I should be ready for Younger Son's Christmas sweater, the Celtic Christmas - it's going to be a grey aran. Then the Husby. Dark green wool with a center cable inset. And finally me. Greys, black, and burgundy. I'm doing a Lopi design. And then? Who knows. Maybe some gloves, maybe something in "plain, regular blue", maybe a snowman hat or two. It's all about the edge-of-your seat knitting excitement, right??

Since I'm lazy and don't feel like taking a picture of my knitting (it looks like yesterday, just an inch or so longer) I'll direct you to a local blog project. Elizabeth Perry is doing an online drawing project in which she is drawing something from the Carnegie Museum every day it's open thru June 30, 2007. Check it out! If you're planning on visiting the museum with kids, this would make a great scavenger hunt. Or, you can look for things you've seen on previous visits.

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