Monday, October 16, 2006

Let the Holiday Knitting Begin!

The Birthday Sweater will be finished tonight! We're moving on to Christmas knitting. Well, maybe I'll throw in some Thanksgiving knitting. I picked up some SWS in the "Natural Navy" color to make myself a Clapotis. I have a nice navy (really my fave new color dark indigo) outfit that it would look fab with for Thanksgiving. So, it might be bus knitting. I've got sweaters to make for all four of us for Christmas. Plus maybe some other holiday knitting. Will I make it? Who knows? You're all here for the edge of your seat knitting excitement, right?

I was angry at everyone in my house Friday night, so I left and went to the bookstore where I hung out until they closed (knitting, of course) and bought this book. I like it! I might start a project to knit every pair of socks in the book.

By Sunday I was (barely) on speaking terms with my family, and Dave took me to Michael's so I could check out the SWS (on sale, btw). I liked it, and bought some. Then I popped next door to Half Priced Books and scored this book for only $12.98. I'm enjoying reading it.

So why are kids so difficult? Is it just boys, or me, or what? Anybody with answers, please clue me in!

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Heather said...

sharp sweater! congrats on a swift finish. Sorry that the MALES are being difficult, but I think it is simply a defect of testosterone. They cannot help it.