Thursday, October 19, 2006

Camo Christmas

Here's the state of the Camo Christmas sweater. This is the outside (as I'm knitting).
Here's the inside. I (and just about everyone else I've shown it to) prefer the inside, so I plan to finish it with that side out. I'm hoping to get the body done tomorrow or Saturday.

My KnitPicks order arrived today! I'm going to tease you and say I'll have pictures tomorrow of all that yarn-y goodness (and other stuff too!)

Here's how things went when I got home:

Me: Is this my box? Yay, my yarn's here!

Older Son: Oh yeah, Mom, a box of yarn came for you today.

Younger Son: Uhh, Mom? There's a box of yarn here for you.

Dave: Laur, I think there's a box of yarn for you in the hallway.

Yeah, I live with a bunch of comedians. I had a bad day at work -- I blew up the system and it was all my fault. Really. Programmers running around, processing delayed until tomorrow. All because I screwed up. Makes me feel special, you know? At least my boss was understanding about it. And I'm getting one of my minions (well, my one and only minion) to fix things so it doesn't happen again (in other words, to save me from myself). So I at least have a plan in place when I get asked about it. I can't wait for knitting tomorrow!


Celtic Queen said...

Having seen it in person, I don't think that the reverse side of the sweater is done justice here. When I saw it, it made me think of the add for Reynolds(?) yarns with the guy in the bold stripe sweater of plum, gold, and navy. Oh well, I like. :)

hollyboc said...

You knit SO fast!!