Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uninteded Consequences

As of yesterday we had not turned the heat on Chez G. I'm cheap, and it costs alot to heat this big old house. Sure, it's a little chilly inside, but we're saving $100 a week by keeping the furnace off. This has prompted Older Son to make hyperbolic metaphors about how cold the house is ("Mom, the house is so cold that when I took your dinner out of the oven it froze." Whatever. I don't know what he's griping about anyways, the reason I won't turn the heat on is because I need the money to pay his college tuition. He could get a job and pay for the heat himself. But I digress.) Well, if you follow the weather here in Pittsburgh, we had snow last night and today. Unbeknownst to me, OS and Dave had concocted a plan to turn the heat on in the middle of the night while I was asleep. But they were foiled in the attempt by my ally The Furnace which refused to come on. I discovered the plot this morning when OS let it slip while he was complaining about the cold. I told Dave he could call a furnace repair shop on the weekend (I had vowed not to turn the furnace on until Nov 1st.) Then I went on to say that there was no way a repair person (or anyone) could come into our house until it was clean. Yes! I practically rubbed my hands with glee. Not only would I keep the furnace off until Nov. 1 or possibly later, but I would finally motivate the Slacker Boys to clean up their mess! A lovely dream. Unfortunately, all I did was motivate Dave to go downstairs and fix the furnace. It's on now. Curses! Foiled again!!
(This is my attempt to get a picture of it snowing. You can't see it, but I wanted a pic for the post.)

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DPUTiger said...

I think I got a good snow photo yesterday. I caved on the furnace about two weeks ago, but since I work in my house I just can't stand to spend 24 hours/day in a COLD house. If I didn't work at home it would be different. The compromise is that we're set for 64 degrees. I couldn't cope with a 50-degree house, but I can totally handle a 64-degree house.