Thursday, October 16, 2008


I got a Halloween Wee Skeins kit from Julia last week. So nice! I can't wait to make myself some cool super stripey Halloween socks! The skeleton is going on my keychain.
And also, because I can't resist the call of the beautiful superwash merino I got this roving in the colorway "Runaway".

And because it's so beautiful and hard to photograph I flipped it over and got this picture of the other side (I think it looks different) and the neighbors already had the impression of me as "That weird lady who takes pictures of stuff on her front porch."
Sorry for the break in blogging, I was really trying to get a post in every day this month, but the cold I got (from Older Son, thank you very much!) really threw me for a loop. I was able to go to work, but I pretty much came home and went straight to bed after work every day. (It also didn't help that Tuesday was grueling 12 hour day). Last night I made it through the first question of the Presidential debate before I conked out.


Heather said...

ooohhh, ahhhh.
lovely goodies.

Patricia said...

Love the skelly! The stripey socks sound really fun too!