Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was exhausted today. I did not sleep well last night, then didn't get to drink all my coffee on the drive in this morning (which because I'm cutting back on my caffeine is only 2-1 decaf/caf anyways.) I felt sleepy and logy all day long. I got home at about 4 and went to bed! After sleeping for 3 1/2 hours Younger Son woke me up for dinner and I ate and then watched Heroes. I think I'm ready for bed again! The guys kept asking me if I was ok. Maybe they really do care. Either that or I was snoring too loud.:)

I've begun contemplating my Christmas knitting. I was e-mailing Celtic Queen yesterday and she got me going by talking about her holiday knitting. (Which she's already started, btw.) So I'm like "I'd like to make a sweater for YS for his birthday (Nov.) and then one for each of the Sons for Christmas and I really should make one for my sister who is moving back to Pittsburgh because you know she'll need some warm sweaters, and one for my friend, and another one for a friend..." And she was like "Laur. No offense, but that's like six sweaters and none of these people are really tiny." So I scaled it back to one, possibly two sweaters and socks for the Sons. I only need to buy yarn for one of the sweaters, and I've chosen the yarn from KnitPicks, I just need to pick a color. And I'm definately getting some books at 40% off. In other news, they resurfaced the road up to my driveway (I had to leave early today so as not to be blocked in.) Dave and I are barely speaking to each other because we had a fight over the causes of the financial crisis. (Are we geeks, or what?) Of course, I was asleep all afternoon/evening so it is possible that may have played into the barely speaking. (You think?)

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