Friday, October 03, 2008


Squeaking in under the wire with another post at virtually the eleventh hour. But I have a picture this time! We had a knitter's shower at my knitting group tonight for Darka who is expecting a new boy next month.
Yay! Baby knitting, and I don't have to have the baby! Double YAY! Well, one of my gifts was this little outfit. (I can't resist the primary colors for little boys.) Forgive my bad picture, but it was late last night and I was pretty dang tired. Long hours of work today, more tomorrow and Sunday. More tomorrow - we've got lots going on here Chez G. Spunky Fiber, CQ's birthday party, and babysitting Chez Mayhem. Stay tuned!

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Darka said...

I still am admiring and fondling the adorable sweater and pants-- he is a very lucky baby!!!