Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Real Love

See the couple in this picture? (Sorry about the blurriness, I was far away.) I don't know who they are, or even anything about them, but I've been seeing them for I guess about two years now when I pick up prescriptions for my dad. The woman has leg braces and crutches, and she's struggling along on the sidewalk of the shopping plaza, walking up and down. Over and over. I've seen them every evening I've been there, so I assume they must go every night and spend a fair amount of time at it. The man walks with her, slightly behind, and gives her a little support every now and then (you can see his hand on her back here.) I saw them today and it struck me that this, this is real love. It makes me wonder if my guys would be as patient with me? (Some days I think they can't wait to just kick me to the curb.) Would I? How about you? Count your blessings!

I have my first daffodil bloom! My daffodil has a nice baker's dozen of blooms this year. This is the first, it looks like there will be a few more open by tomorrow morning.