Monday, April 21, 2008

Card Me

Last week was Heather's birthday, so we had a little party for her at Knitting Knite. (You know me, any excuse to eat baked goods!) So off I went to the store in search of a birthday card....
First up, Pirates! Ok, but not really Heather's style. (But you know, Johnny Depp is nice to look at.) Still, not quite what I was going for.
Next, a round up of cowboys. I definately had to consider these for awhile. But, after some serious observation I decided they weren't quite right, either.
So I moved on to... A birthday Pickle? This really appealed to my quirky sense of humor, but Heather is a bit more mainstream than me. (And it just seemed a little too weird coming right on the heels of the cowboys.)
What else can we find here? How about a princess? Definate possibilities. Heather's a princess, and there are some sparkles on the card... Heather really likes sparkles! But the inscription was just a little too juvenile. So what did I finally settle on?
It's sparkly, and it said some of the nice things I think about Heather. And I got some flower cookies and "Happy Birthday" candles too! Heather brought cupcakes, as well. So there was much celebration and we did feast on the yummy baked goods. Isn't that how everyone's birthday should be?

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Heather said...

YES!! that is how every day should be... I mean, everyone's birthday. yeah, that's what I meant.