Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mod Pods

Friday night I purchased Knitting Nature by Nora Gaughan. I'd been looking at it for awhile, and trying to decide if I wanted it or not. Friday I was feeling a little self-indulgent, so I got it. I love it! I got as far as the first chapter (hexagons) and I had to start knitting. I admit to having a certain fascination with hexagons for quite some time.
Here's my first attempt, knitting from the center out. I ripped this out and decided that maybe the designer knew what she was talking about (you think?) when she knit hers (the Snapping Turtle Skirt) from the outside in. Furthermore, it was a cinch to pick up and knit the next hexagon from the cast-on edge.
So I gathered up some old acrylic from the stash to experiment. I call them Mod Pods. Totally addictive. These will probably be a baby blanket done in 6 x 6 Pods. But, imagine these done with lots of oddballs of sock yarn (looking at you, Heather.) I'm thinking Grandma's Flower Garden here. How cool would that be? And a great stash buster, too. I'll keep you updated with progress.


Heather said...

omg, me with dish cloth dresses and you with hexagons... quite a pair.

Margaret said...

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Anonymous said...