Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I think you're right with your first guess, Heather! Celtic Queen didn't quite get it, I explained it to her via email today. Although to be fair to the parties involved here I think it may just have been brought to their attention that they were vulnerable. Not that I have any kind of vested interest in this one way or another. I'm not suprised that IK as a business is acting like a business. I've managed to get one way or another just about all the patterns I wanted from both IK and MagKnits, and those that I missed, well, I'm ok with it. I was not happy, I told the party involved I wasn't, and that's that. What gets me is that no one (and there are over 500 posts to the thread) has put the things I mentioned together. I was wondering if it was just me.

As to why I'm not participating in forums anymore, it's because it's the same old same old, and I had enough of that in the old Knitlist and r.c.t.y. days. (Interesting aside -- Did you know I wrote the original (maybe only) FAQ for r.c.t.y?) Also, I felt that the news groups (particularly r.c.t.n.) were ruined when designers started showing up because then everyone started getting all fangirly over them and you couldn't express any kind of criticism about a design without starting Flame War 2000. I'm seeing some of that in the Ravelry forums, along with threats to "pull the plug" if we don't all get along. I don't care for flame wars, but I don't think anyone benefits from having all criticism squashed in a forum, and there's only so much reading of "You're so wonderful, it's so great that you're part of this forum, we'll do/say anything you want, just don't leave!" that I really care to read. Bleah.

Anyways, I've finished my first Noro Sock(again!) It fits like a glove. (Fits like a glove, Hee! I'm easily amused.) I'll cast on the second tomorrow. I also finished my Moonlight Ice cowl, but I'm waiting on blocking for good pics. And I'm up after 11 PM because Dave is still doing our taxes. He cut it pretty close this year, he had to enlist me to help and he's still just going to squeak by at midnight.

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Deborah said...

Just wanted to let you know, the afghan came today!!! It is beautiful. I will be blogging the progress. Already started, by taking pictures of the package and contents. I can't thank you enough for honoring me with such a beautiful gift!!!!! thanks again!