Monday, April 07, 2008

My Hair Hurts

A couple of things to share. My cubemate found out Friday she is having a boy. So that's a blessing, I can make a nominal hand knit (I'm thinking a hat) and I'm done. Of course I'm going to go for the screaming-est multicolor I can find! Another friend I work with (we went to school together and worked together at my last job, too) is going to be a dad also, so I have another venue where my knits will be more appreciated.
Saturday was Bloomin Yarns birthday party. So I went. I got there late because I had to work - it was a carry-over from Friday night, when I was late to knitting, too. Friday did not go well for me (and, not my fault!) at one point I looked at my co-worker who was trying to help me out and said "I'm in so much pain I think my hair hurts." She just looked at me like "You're so wierd." Anyways, I was telling CQ this on Friday and we were talking about yarn (btw, her Adult Tulip! Yummy! You have to come to our Knitting group and see it in person, pictures just don't do it justice (and she doesn't update her blog enough anyways. But go look now, she's making fun of me!))
ANYWAYS, and I was debating buying more yarn and she said, "You should get something nice! You deserve it, you hair hurts!" So I did. Carol Martin of Farmhouse Yarns was there and of course there was a ton of her yarns. So I started rummaging around in the bins, pulling out skeins and keeping in mind what DPUTiger had said about the differences in skeins even within the same colorway. I wanted a sweater's worth of yarn, not just a single skein project. So this is my solution, and I'm thinking stripes, starting with the dark green (Balsam Fir) and moving up to the green/burgundy (Autumn) then to green/burgundy/gold (Indian Corn) and ending in the green/gold/cream (Harvest).
That's my tentative sequence, I'll make final decisions when I'm getting ready to start knitting at which time I'll untwist and lay out the full skeins and get a good read on total colors and values. I've queued up the "Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater" by EZ for these. (The yarn is Andy's Merino II.) I heard later that Carol Martin was very excited about my idea and was going to try pull some more groupings like this together. Yay me! Even if it's me who says it, I really do think this is a good way to get a sweater's worth of yarn when you're buying multi-color individually dyed skeins (and easier on the wallet, you don't necessarily have to get them all at once!) I also like the dark to light thing (it's flattering).
And speaking of my hair, I came to the sudden realization this weekend that my hair is now grey. No longer greying, but grey. [sigh]


DPUTiger said...

You looked like you were not happy when you were in the store Saturday :( Hope things are better now.

I can see why Carol went ga-ga over what you pulled. I'm gonna say it here too, so all the people who care about you can see it -- Carol GUSHED for HOURS over what you pulled on Saturday. She said she would never have put those colors together and was now itching to get home and do something similar. YAY YOU!!!

I scored a sweater's worth of Andy's Merino in Indian Corn. Pullover sweater for me, although I doubt I'll start it until the fall. Michelle kept a lot of Andy's (and other Farmhouse stuff) when Carol was packing up on Saturday night. Yay! :)

Rachel said...

That IS a really good idea about multi-colored yarns! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you feel better soon!

Donna said...

I understand what you mean about your hair hurting. I use that line all the time. I hope you are feeling better. I can't wait to see the sweater when you finish it.

Celtic Queen said...

I so almost bought some Indian Corn but was trying to save for MD and thought I would order later. Love the idea. All I got was some sock yarn in Berries and Carmel.