Friday, February 03, 2006

Just Call Me Granny

And boy, after the week I've had I sure do feel like it! Twice this week I came home and I was too tired to even eat! (And if you know me at all, you know that's absolutely unheard of for me.) My internet has been down all week too, that's why no blogging. So here's the entry I was going to give you all on Monday, and we'll go from there.

I was a grandmother last weekend! Here's a picture of my grandson:
Yep, he's one of those electronic babies. Older Son had to bring him home and take care of him for his Life Management (or whatever the heck they call that class now) class. OS didn't really come up with a name for him. I called him "Diggy". And guess what? Dave and I had to baby sit! OS had an opportunity to go out but he didn't want to with the baby. Dave and I wanted him to go (he never does, this was the first time all year) so I babysat. Then we went out to dinner. With the baby! Dave made me put a blanket over him, though. And I bonked him off the door leaving the restaurant and made him cry! I guess I'm not ready to be a grandmother after all. Anyways, I don't think this is a fair idea of what it's like to be a parent. The thing should require attention much more often. And it had this funky head thing going on which made it very difficult to hold it without setting it off. I think it taught the kids to just plop the baby in the carrier and leave it there until it cried. (Which was every 4 hours, almost by the clock.)

So knitting news, I finished the Flashy Gloves. Here's where I was last Monday on glove #2:

and here's the completed pair (I apologize for the clashing pink background, I was very tired and I can't find my white thingie. Also note and give me bonus points for not displaying obscene gestures with them, though I was sorely tempted.): I've cast on for a pair of socks for my commuter knitting.

If you're still with me, I am attempting to coordinate a Team PGH event for the Knitting Olympics. I need to consult with my co-conspirators and will give all the details soon!


hollyboc said...

Cool gloves... love the colors. As for the baby, I hope people didn't think you had a blanket over a real baby the whole time you were at the restaurant!!!!!! It's a wonder no one called the hotline. My kids used to tell me they were going to call the child abuse hotline all the time when I was "mean" to them. Ha ha.

Celtic Queen said...

I think those baby things should be programmed to feel as though it has more attention if you give it hand knits. :) And are you sure you didn't bonk either of the boys when they were babies? It might explain their reluctance to eat your fine food and properly appreciate your handknits.