Monday, February 20, 2006


That's what I am.
First off, yesterday I met up with Celtic Queen and Anne for the Knitting Olympics Team PGH Local Event (which looked alot like knitting and having lunch). I had a fabulous time! I was extremely thrilled to meet Anne, (but I think I hid it well -- being kinda sick with the chest thing), who was very gracious and seemed to have a good time also.

You see CQ and Anne here. The screen behind was showing the Olympics (CQ asked them to change it for us). CQ has moved on to blanket #2. Anne is working on Grapevine, which CQ and I greatly admired. My entrelac bag is on the table in the lower left corner. Also notice the sweater Anne's wearing, it's this one. I was most impressed, and now I want to make it myself. I have some yarn, and I may even have the pattern. (Either CQ or I have Starmore's Aran Knitting.)

And speaking of having patterns....Remember the whole thing about the Olympic sweaters? Well, I'm poking around the net and I see the Retro Collection from Dale with all the Olympic sweaters from 1956-1994. First I asked DH to get it for me as a belated Valentine gift. Then it hit me, the booklet looked awfully familiar. It seemed to me that I already owned it. But a cursory search (I was too sick to be up for more) didn't turn it up. So I called CQ and asked her if I owned it. She said she was wondering about me -- Yes, I did own it, didn't I remember? Well, duh, no. So I searched a bit harder and turned it up. (Dave tried to tell me he had run out and bought it for me already.) So I'll have to knit ALL the Olympic sweaters. I think I'll start with 1956 (those ones are easier anyways). And besides, I can't find Nagano or Salt Lake. (But at least I'm sure I already own them.)

And on the Olympic front -- the Entrelac Bag is knitted!

Here it is, ready for its trip to the washing machine. (I included the scissors for scale -- it was either that or a fork, which says way too much about me, I think.)

So why am I ungrateful? Because despite all this knitterly goodness I'm cranky and upset. I lost a skein of yarn yesterday at the restaurant. Dave even called them for me today and asked about it, which is another thing for me to be grateful for. They said it WAS there, and may still be. We were told to call again tomorrow. So am I grateful? No, I'm irritated that Dave's not storming the place to get my yarn back for me RIGHT NOW. I mean, this is YARN we're talking about here. He wasn't moved to go and demand my yarn even after I told him I was devastated by the loss of it. See how ungrateful I am. But really. It's YARN....


hollyboc said...

I LOVE the bag. I am definitely adding entrelac to my list of new skills to learn this year! That bag is an inspiration.

Heather said...

Wow, fabulous... I can't wait to see it felted. So sad that I missed the olympic event, but I am glad that it went well, even if they tried to steal your yarn.

Celtic Queen said...

A) Better get that yarn soon, getting in and out of the waterfront is going to get much harder soon.

B)The Apolo Ono of the Knitting Olympics has gotten to about the 1/2 way mark on afghan 2. I should finish before Friday at this rate. :)

C) Why do I look so grumpy in that picture? I was having fun!