Monday, February 06, 2006

Button, Button

Team PGH has a button!
Thanks to the very talented Yvonne for the button. Feel free to use it, download it your own site, yada, yada.

I knit (well, re-knit) socks this weekend. I had to rip out the socks I made from the yarn my excellent Secret Pal Holly sent me. (The originals didn't fit anyone). I'm finishing up this pair and they fit me perfectly! And I think I'll have enough left over to make a pair for one of the Celtings, thereby using up another skein of yarn. I'm so clever. (That's why it took me 3 tries to get the dang socks to fit me.)

So I'm contemplating what to do next for the commuter knitting. Of course, next week it will be all Olympics, all the time. But until then? Will the socks keep me busy? We'll see. I think I'm making the Market Bag for the Olympics. Hard as it is to believe, I've never done entrelac, so that's the stretch for me. I've got to go visit the Celtic Queen to borrow her pattern so I know if I need to get some yarn. And if I finish before the end of the Olympics? I think I'll go on a finishing binge and try to finish up as many projects as I can (I have several that I've completed the knitting on, they just need "finished" to be useable.)

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hollyboc said...

I LOVE the team pgh button. Is there a specific team pgh? Or is it just the Pgh knitophiles? Am I a member or a wannabe? In either case, I probably couldn't get the darn thing on my blog anyhow but I'd love to try! (or beg my poor pregnant and ready to burst niece to do it for me!)