Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hump Day

Yeah, I wish. Some good news. The friend I made this scarf for:

finished up with treatments yesterday! Everything went very well, and the prognosis seems good! Hurray!

Work is crazy. I have code to write, and webpages to update, and spreadsheets to look at, and then all my "regular" work. But no overtime. Yeah. At least it's challenging. I'm hoping to hit the lottery -- $210 million.

And I'm knitting a little Celting sock. I'm hoping to finish sock 1 and maybe start on sock 2 tonight. I'll work on it tomorrow and Friday morning. Then Friday at 2:00 I'm casting on for my Olympic project: A Felted Entelac Bag. The stretch for me is the entrelac technique. Celtic Queen is very graciously lending me her pattern for the project. Dave is picking it up tonight so I can get all my supplies together tomorrow. And if I finish before the end of the Olympics, I can make the Danica scarf from the current issue of Knitty. Funny how that came out just in time.

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