Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fanfare for the Common Man

Which was the Olympic Theme in the days of my youth (John Williams wrote a new one in either '80 or '84). Here I am casting on for my Olympic Knitting Project at a few minutes after 2:00 yesterday:

The original plan was for several of my co-workers to stand behind me cheering me on and waving Terrible Towels. The reason they did not is because standing directly in line of sight in front of me (behind the camera) was a Vice President of our company. So no cheering (not even from the one whose review I will complete.)

And we had some drama, too. Shortly after casting on (which took 3 tries), THIS happened. A needle separation. It caused a dropped stitch, but I was able to recover, tighten my needles, and move on. So far no recurrence.

Knitting night last night and there was plenty of Olympic knitting going on.

Celtic Queen is knitting TWO blankets, one for each Celting. Here she is working on the first, a "regular blue" one.

Heather is making an intarsia sweater for her youngest (really cute, with a frog) which is her first intarsia project. And she charted it herself! I'm impressed. And she introduced me to Minkee -- I'm in love! Good thing I don't know how to sew (I don't need another stash, although I did dabble in quilting for a bit.)

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