Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Know You're Old When

Conversation with Older Son yesterday:

OS: Mom, were you a Dead Head?
Me: You mean like the Greatful Dead?
OS: Yeah, you know, like a fan of the Greatful Dead.
Me: I'm just a little too young to have been a Dead Head. Ask your dad. Did you see that cd I just bought? It's only one cd, that doesn't make me a Dead Head.
OS: No, I didn't see it, really. That's funny though. I was just reading about the Greatful Dead and Dead Heads.
Me (suspiciously): Where?
OS: Umm, well, you know in school...In, uh, American Studies..
Me (interrupting): You mean in HISTORY?!!
OS (laughing): Yeah!

Yes, I actually had just bought a Greatful Dead cd (a cheapie greatest hits thing) and yes, he showed us the textbook with the passage about the Greatful Dead and Dead Heads. I can't remember exactly what it said, it was just too depressing. Kinda reminds me of when they re-released the original Star Wars movies in theaters and all the trailers went on (and on) about how "An entire generation has never seen these movies as they were meant to be seen -- On the big screen." Yeah, thanks.

So in knitting news I finished my socks, and am wearing them today. Here they are on my feet (it really is tough to get a good picture of your own feet.) And I've started making some socks for one of the Celtings with the leftover yarn (so as to use the skein up completely and add it to my tally). I think they will be for the smaller Celting, there's not too much yarn left. Also, I've been wearing my Flashy Gloves this week, and I really like them. I need a hat and scarf though. I have this book and am sorely tempted by a tam. I could make a plain one out of the Flashy yarn. It would be a good way to get the pattern down before trying it in Fairisle. Maybe the yarn will behave better. But maybe not, and then I'm stuck with a tam I don't like. Hmmm. It's a dilemma. Of course, I could always gift someone with the tam. Hmmm... to be continued.....


hollyboc said...

I don't really remember the Greatful Dead but it's certainly not because I'm too young. I think it's just because I'm too boring!

Celtic Queen said...

Perfect choice on the use of another skein. YS Celting wore his "magic" socks today and now no longer wishes to remove them. He apparently has a derth of "magic" socks and his mother is too busy making Gramma DoDo socks, wristwarmers and perhaps Fuzzy Feet for her bday. Thank goodness for GREAT aunts who love them so.