Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympian Dreams

No knitting last night -- I spent the evening putting in (and fiddling with) my Olympic Countdown banner. See it over there in the sidebar? Neat, isn't it? Yarn Harlot had one, but instead of ripping off her code (which would have been easy) I got the one from my Spinning Page that counts down to MDS&W and modified it.

My Olympic Knitting continues. I'm hoping to finish up a couple of skeins of yarn here soon so I can add them to my tally (yes, I'm over). I think I'm going to have lots of yarn left over after the bag is done. I'll have to knit a sweater to get rid of it. I'm ok with that, I like the yarn (Paton's Merino Classic) and the colors for a sweater. I think I'll get more of the charcoal grey and knit a fairisle yoke sweater but with the little fairisle band at the top of a sleeve. It'll go well with all my black skirts.

I ordered Torino today. So now that makes four Olympic sweater patterns in my collection:

Salt Lake,
and Torino

I'm contemplating making my inter-Olympic knitting goal being the knitting of all these sweaters. (And maybe as many other Olympic sweaters as I can find.) Then I can spend the next Winter Olympics wearing a different Olympic sweater every day. What do you all think? Well, I'm still feeling kinda crappy, and I'm hoping to be able to stay awake for some Olympic viewing tonight.

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Heather said...

You're my Idol. I stive for such finess of wool. Alas, frogs give me warts let alone complicated and gorgeous fair isle... *weep*
Hope you feel better, see you soon.