Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shopping With Laurie

I squeezed in a little shopping on my trip to Maryland, too. I was very good and didn't buy much (and none of that was for me). We visited an old railway station that has been converted to a local arts and crafts mall. This spinning wheel wasn't for sale, but I took a pic because, you know, it's a spinning wheel. There was handspun yarn for sale, but I was very good and didn't buy any (even though I generally do like to support that kind of business venture). I don't think the wheel was operational anyways, it looks like the footman as well as the drive band was missing. Here I am with a real train car. A train did pass while we were shopping, but I wasn't quick enough to get a good picture. We also looked at lots of antiques, but if I wanted old stuff I'd stay home or go visit my mother in law. There were several "Hmmm, we have something like that at home, so it's [only] worth that much?" moments. I snapped this picture of the sign for a local yarn shop thinking I might visit on the way home, but as I said, I was being good, so I didn't. Besides, if I was going to buy souvenir yarn it would have been the handspun. (No, I forgot to write down the name, it was from a local farm.)

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