Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spinning Around

I decided after work today that I was bored with laying around and watching dvds, I wanted to do something, so I dragged my wheel out to the front porch and spun for almost an hour and a half. I was pretty sore afterwards (I need a pillow to support my back in that chair), but I feel like I've accomplished something! I had to work for about two hours, and I was able to do that in a prone position so I feel mostly better now. Now if I can just continue with that schedule I should be good. My goal is to spin up the yarn I need for a pair of socks (I have half done already) and then move on to my Spunky Eclectic fiber. Moving the stash around always makes me feel better. In other depressing news, I got my first review and pay increase. According to the Dept of Labor I'm only 1.7% behind after adjusting for cost of living increases. Nice, huh?

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