Monday, July 07, 2008

I Need Medicated

I think I'm broken. Yesterday I didn't want to knit. I haven't really been in a fiber-ish frame of mind for about a week now. Sure, I still knit every day, but it's just a few desultory rounds on my travelling socks. This past three day weekend I was looking forward to knitting my heart out and maybe finishing up Mod Pods, but I barely touched my knitting. Maybe I'm depressed. I don't feel particularly sad, though. Just not like knitting. But still, I think I need to call the doctor and get some kind of medication for this. I want the good stuff, too. So I either want to knit again or don't care about knitting or anything else. Soma all around!
PS We had a good time on the 4th, I kicked the boys' butts at Wii Boxing, we ate lots of picnic food, and we did the Mentos and Diet Coke thing (pictures may follow. Dave took them with his new very expensive camera and said he would send them to me but he hasn't yet.)

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