Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gratuitous Knitting and a Survey

Last Friday was Knitting Night! Yeah! Ms. E brought this gorgeous sweater to show us. She made it for a little guy, and it is Knit Picks Shine, iirc and I think it's the DK. She had just started it at the last meeting two weeks ago. "Based" on a pattern, but I'll say she designed it herself, even if she won't. She chose the colors, came up with the stripe pattern and added the front pocket too. Are those not the perfect murky man colors? This is one fabulous sweater, what an amazing knitter. Makes me humble. Everyone else there was working on more great stuff, and there I was with my lousy dinky little Mod Pods and a sock. I need to get more productive. I'm thinking of buying a new chair. (Part of the prob at home is that I have nowhere to sit comfortably, so I end up laying down and reading, computing, or watching TV. Great for my back, but not the best knitting position.)
Moving right along though, I'm thinking about my anniversary this year. So here's the question (and I'm going to try to do a poll). How should I celebrate? It's still six months away, but if we're going to do something we'd have to book now, because it's a date that fills up (New Year's Eve). And it's a big anniversary, too -- Twenty Five Years. (Whew, I think we deserve a couple of medals just for not killing each other!) So, what should we do? Here are the options:
1) Dinner out (this is what we do every year)
2) Dinner with 50-100 of our closest friends (like a second wedding reception)
3) Romantic get-away to a local resort or bed and breakfast
4) Full on second honeymoon trip (I'm thinking Europe, but maybe Australia or China)
5) Ditch the husband and take a trip with a friend. (His anniversary gift can be the digital camera {toy} he bought himself that cost as much as a two week trip for two to Europe.)


Rachel said...

That's funny about the camera, but I'd choose the trip to Europe, definitely! (Of course, I'm not paying, lol!)

DPUTiger said...

Wow, I can't pick between those anniversary options, but I though your mod pods were cool, and there's nothing wrong with sock knitting! Crap, I was swatching then casting on. That's not exactly exciting either! :)

Heather said...

Well, I would happily celebrate with you- if I rank in the top 50 to 100 friends... (can I bribe you with yarn?) But whatever you decide to do, it should be special for you and your Hubby, 25 years is quite an accomplishment!