Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keeping My Cool

I thought I would pass this along in case you're the other person without air conditioning in North America (or in case your husband turns up the thermostat on the air conditioner when he thinks you're not looking.) This picture shows (in addition to my feet and a very rare glimpse of my knees) what I call "Sheet Floating". You place a fan right next to your bed, so it's blowing directly across the bed. Then pull your top sheet up so it is just level with the edge of the bed. The sheet will act as a giant sail and grab all that air and circulate it around you. Deliciously cool. If you do it right, it's self-sustaining and the sheet will just float over you practically indefinately. You may need to hang on to the top corner of the sheet -- it sometimes wants to fly away. It's been my experience that my higher thread count (300) sheet is more effective at this than the cheapo set so if you can't get it to float on it's own or just needed an excuse to indulge there it is.


DPUTiger said...

I will have to remember this for my next stay at the Lake. Hubster can't stand heat which is ironic since he grew up in the South, so we use the AC more than I'd like here in Pgh. I prefer that to listening to him bitch about the heat.

Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's funny, but I might try that some time!