Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laurie Looks At Her Roots (Which Are Decidedly Gray)

So Dave and I travelled to Deep Creek. We stayed here, at the Alpine Village motel. When I stayed at Deep Creek as a child, it was at a friend of my mother's cottage, which was decidedly rustic. As in no indoor plumbing. As in you have to use an outhouse. Yeah. So when we turned off the highway there was Alpine Village in all it's splendour and I used to think "When I grow up and have lots of money I'm going to stay at the Alpine Village because they have real bathrooms." And in a strange twist of fate, I think we had the same experience I would have had staying at the Alpine Village in the 70's, because I don't think the decor has been updated since then. (And the place is for sale - all that retro decor can be yours for just 5.75 million dollars!) But there was further to travel down memory lane -- let's not forget that rustic cabin! Sorry for the blurry pic, but it was the best I could do from the car. We were at the end of a private lane and the guy inside looked like he was about to put down his beer can and come out and see what the &(^% we were doing on his property. I forgot to check for the outhouse (but that wasn't really visible from the drive anyways). And finally, a truly infamous site in our family annals, the miniature golf course where Celtic Queen got her head split open (we believe that my Evil Twin did it) by an incautious back swing. I still haven't quite gotten over the fact that although I was the first to notice her injury and rush to her aid, and the one who picked her up and sprinted the entire width of the golf course with her dripping blood the whole way to where my mother was waiting for us, that I wasn't allowed to go to the hospital with her when she got stitched up. In fact, she may even have asked for my Evil Twin (the one who conked her on the head) to go with her.

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