Monday, September 10, 2007


Update on the baby sweaters of last weekend. I got a thank you from the mom and she says they're planning on using the smallest sweater and leggings set I made for the baby's homecoming outfit. I'm so pleased and happy! I was secretly hoping that would be the case when I made it, but didn't want to say anything.

School updates -- the boys are still getting up and going every day, and no calls yet about missing homework assignments.

Knitting updates. Still working on the Never-Ending Travel Socks (these seem to be taking forever) and the Even More Enduring Cotton Socks. Let's not talk about MS3. And I'm fighting off some Startitis. I want to start a cable sweater for the Younger Celting (Celting II -- The Return of the Aran). I got some yummy limey heather yarn at the yarn sale this weekend. Celtic Queen did not win the knitted fashion show on Saturday with her completed MS3 (which was a miscarriage of knitting justice). It's breath-takingly gorgeous. I'm waiting for pictures (hint, hint). I also want to start a Babies and Bears sweater and the Pseudo-Pod sweater (both of which I have the yarn for already) and there's the Green-Eyed Boy sweater destined for the Elder Celting. Oh yeah, and some Leaf Lace. I'm starting to rethink my pattern choices. I have to start swatching. I don't want it to be so simple as to be boring, but then again, not too busy either. Maybe if I'm wandering around the South Hills with my skein on Thursday someone will take me in and wind a ball or two for me...

Job updates. I've got a genuine project keeping me busy this week. And it even uses some of my special skills. Yippee!