Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last Rose of Summer

Roses are my favorite flower, so I planted three rose bushes last spring, a white (my personal favorite flower), a yellow (they were my mom's favorite flower so a sentimental choice) and a shaded yellow to orange (because I'm a sucker for multicolored roses). The yellow and white died, but this one seems to have survived my gardening style (dig a hole, stick it in there and leave it to fend for itself). This is its third (and probably final) bloom of the year. A bit overblown, but then aren't we all?

In knitting news, now that I have more yarn (thanks again Steel City Knitter!) I'm getting reacquainted with my Pomatomas socks. And still working on the Pseudo-Pod sweater for a future baby. I think, though I'm going to have to dissect Widdershins and rewrite for a smaller gauge for my next travelling socks.

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