Thursday, September 06, 2007


My absence here can be explained by the fact that I am struggling with a stomach bug. Bleah. I got sick Monday afternoon/evening and ended up calling off work on Tuesday. I'm still not feeling 100%. Tonight at dinner was the first time I've eaten "real" food (it was nothing at all on Tuesday, then the BRAT diet since.) And I'm still feeling a bit peaky. But on the plus side I've lost five pounds! So anyways, what did I do with my weekend before I got sick? Well, I only get about two invitations to social events a year, and this year they both happened to fall on the same day. I had both a baby shower for an old friend and a wedding to go to on Sunday. Unfortunately, they were over an hour's drive apart. So while the guys went off to the mountains (where the wedding was) on Friday I stayed here to hold down the fort and go to the baby shower. I was simply amazed at how much stuff I got done Saturday morning without any guys lounging about in their underwear getting in my way! So after completing a few errands I had some prep work for the baby shower.
Lots of baby sweaters in need of buttons. Apparently I have a "thing" about sewing on buttons. Who knew? So we have let's see...1,2,3...4 sweaters in need of buttons. I might have gotten a bit carried away with the baby sweaters. But I had some lead time and I was obsessed with the baby sweaters. To be completely honest here, I have yarn to make another one that I didn't get around to knitting. Fortunately, they were having a Button Sale (50% off) at JoAnn's this weekend. So I got some buttons. Can you guess which ones go with which sweater? Here's the line-up:
The little pink buttons with the little white sweater. (Not pictured here -- there were leggings that matched this too). The sweater is from a Paton's Preemie collection, it's actually a real newborn size. I designed the matching leggings myself. I thought these buttons had a nice retro look that went with the sweater which I felt kind of had a retro feel to it. The larger sweater is the Peapod Baby Sweater by Kate Gilbert. The buttons match the sweater, so the leaf design takes center stage. I was hoping for something a bit more flashy, but couldn't find anything. This was a nice compromise. The very plain pink buttons go with the Lace Sweater. This is EZ's "Favorite Baby Sweater". I subbed out the lace pattern for another from BGW. I think this is English Mesh. And finally, the lime green buttons go with the Striped Sweater. Devan from Knitty. I love this pattern! I think this is the fifth one I've made. This is Lion Brand's Jelly Bean Stripe. The striping is random enough that I just knit the whole thing with it. I've also knit it in the same yarn in the Denim Stripe colorway for a boy sweater and it's really cute too. I was standing there looking at buttons and found a match to the blue in this sweater but thought, "No, that's not really the color I want to hightlight." And then I thought about what color I did want to highlight and there were the lime green buttons!
So I sewed all my buttons on, made it to the shower but had to leave early to make the wedding. If you're reading this Jean, my timing was perfect. I pulled into the parking lot, walked up the hill to the pavilion, sat down, and the wedding started immediately. Like they were waiting for me.


Celtic Queen said...

See that's why I always try to knit in the buttons. Less work.

Holly said...

Your sweaters are adorable. I tried that peapod sweater and failed miserably. Seeing yours makes me want to try it again.

Heather said...

glad you are feeling better. love all the baby sweaters, a much loved babe, to be sure.

Rani said...

Love love love the sweaters! So inspiring. You've been busy! I am attempting my 2nd (frogged the first). I forgot all about buttons! Gah!