Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fait Accompli

The Jitterbug socks are done, finished, ends woven in and everything. I had to take Older Son to an appointment this evening so my car hood had to stand in as my knitting backdrop. Nothing says "I'm a geek" quite like posing knitting on the car hood in a parking lot and then taking pictures of it. I finished these up just in time, too. Steel City Knitter sent me more yarn to finish my Pomatomus socks. My knitting bag overfloweth. (Still working on the Pseudo-Pod, too.)

In non knitting news, I think I may have figured out the new DVD recorder. Cross your fingers for me. I wish I could somehow get my dad to figure this out. He would happily spend the next 5 years transferring all his video recordings to DVD. Also, I had lost the next book in the series I was reading (Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Did you hear he just passed away? Before the series was finished? I'm trying not to thing about that too much, it makes me a little crazy.) But after making OS search his room and the attic for me we found it on the floor by my bed. Ooops. (But really, it had apparently fallen off the bookcase over there and I never use that side of the bed anyways.) Hmmm. Heather has a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Pudding Pie on her blog that I may have to try this weekend. Speaking of recipes, and cooking, I was thinking about making potatoes and eggs for dinner this week. Do you make this? It was a regular when I was a kid, but I myself haven't made it since the boys were very small. More peasant food, probably German (I've at least seen it mentioned in literature as German). City Chicken was another regular, which I didn't care much for as a child and so I never make it (I have a strict policy of not cooking food I don't like). I still see it in the grocery store and I wonder why it's called City Chicken. Is it a corruption of satay? Hmmm. Bet it is. Let's Google, shall we? Well, not according the Post Gazette (this is essentially how my mother cooked it, as well). Another source says no too.This one even says it originated right here. So I guess I was wrong. But I still don't care much for it and it's more expensive than real chicken now anyways.

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