Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Fickleness of Knitting

You know, you think you've got the knitting thing all figured out. You've been knitting for years, you have experience out the whazoo and you just know things. Then your knitting rears back and just kicks you right in the you-know-what. Maybe it's overconfidence. Maybe it's just a cosmic reminder that you're not really in control. Maybe it's just the "gang aft agleigh" thing. Remember the headband I showed in my last post? The one that was done? And the mitten I was starting? Well, I finished the mitten. Here's a picture to prove it:

Just after I finished it I tried it on and realized it was to small. Five minutes later it looked like this. (Please note the beauteous hand-made stitch markers.)

And then (although I tried very hard to convince myself otherwise) I had to admit that the headband was too BIG. It soon followed the fate of the mitten. Both are now reknit and I started on the scarf. Ohhh, the scarf. Mind you, I knit a hat, mitten and scarf set about a year ago from this same yarn and had no problems whatsoever. I used 3 balls of yarn for that set. I had 4 for this one. And I made the headband instead of the hat. But I still had less than two balls for the scarf. I started off, and after knitting most of my remaining yarn I had to admit I would not have enough yarn. ARGHHH! Rip and restart with fewer stitches on bigger needles. (Although I should have known. I am very bad at choosing the correct number of stitches for scarves. I always make them too wide (maybe someday I'll share the HUGE Steeler scarf I made for Older Son when he was in kindergarten. One day the kids were late coming out of school and the other mothers teased me they were all tangled up in the big scarf.) The only exception is the 2nd incarnation of my recycled silk scarf. Being disgusted with ripping the too wide version I reknit it too narrow and the thing is so long I have to wrap it twice around my neck. But I digress.) They were supposed to be for the Celtic Queen for Christmas. All I had done were the mittens. I'll (hopefully) have the rest done for Friday knitting group.

So how was everyone's Christmas? (Or whatever) Did everyone get their wooly wishes fulfilled? I got this and I bought myself Waaay too much yarn at the local Michael's that's closing. I couldn't help myself, everything's 50% off! CQ told me today I'm not allowed to go back anymore. I think she's right. I have no more storage room in the three big bins I have in the basement. (No, that's not all the stash, there are 5 or 6 more out in the garage.) I've got to start using it up. Sounds like a New Year's resolution to me. Let's see, two out, one in. (That way I won't be deprived, and I can still do my bit to keep the knitting economy going.) And gifts don't count, either. See, CQ, if I'm buying it for a friend...

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