Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a Bit Preoccupied

Sorry for the lack of posting -- I'm just a bit preoccupied. Dave is coming home today! In fact his flight just landed in Chicago, so he's even here in the US! (We're following his flight online). Of course he's coming home in the middle of a Winter Storm Advisory. His arrival here in Pittsburgh is currently at 9:00 PM, and has already been delayed due to a late arriving aircraft. Hopefully that will be it and the roads will all be clear for the drive to the airport and back. Right now I don't think I'm going to take the boys with me, the roads are just a bit too dicey. We'll keep abreast of the traffic reports and I'll make my final decision once Dave's in the air.

Dave just called from Chicago, and his flight has been delayed another 20 minutes. He's now set to arrive at 9:20PM.

Dave's flight just left Chicago, and is scheduled to arrive here at 10:02 (there were several more delays.)

We're home! The roads weren't too bad, we made it home safe and sound (thank goodness for all wheel drive!) Dave's downstairs eating dinner (lunch?) and visiting briefly with the Boys, and then we're all going to sleep!

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hollyboc said...

I bet you're glad to have him home! I don't know how you did that all those months. I'd have been a basket case.