Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lost and Found

I lost Younger Son today. (And found him again, thankfully!) Older Son called me at work at 4:30 to tell me YS wasn't home from school yet. I then spent an hour calling around looking for him and sending OS to walk to the school to look for him. I was frantic and about to call the police. He turned up at home (he and OS must have just missed each other at the school) when OS got back. Turns out he was at the school playing video games with the student teacher. But I had no way of knowing that because although I called the school there was no one in the office and the school directory didn't have an extension for this classroom. Grrrrr. I don't mind him staying after school, but over an hour? And no one thought to call home?

I also lost my internet connection for a couple of days and found it again today. Yeah!

And I lost this:

Sports Team II, to it's rightful owner.

I also got to see Kelly's latest FO:

Isn't he a cutie? Especially because he's wearing wonderful hand-knits. Celtic Queen made him his little hat/sweater/bootie ensemble.

Here she is holding him.

He's not wearing Sports Team because he was saving it for the big game on Sunday. I have it on good authority that he wears it every week. No picture of me holding him, but I did, and got to smell his little head! There's just something about that baby smell...

Speaking of babies' heads, I finished this:

Look, it's reversable!

And notice, too:
On this side the decreases swirl to the left:

And on this side they swirl to the right:

The pattern can be found here.
I modified it by adding a purl round when I changed colors/directions and reversing the decreases (God is in the details, right?) Great little hat, I'm thinking of making it in a thicker yarn for big people. BTW, the hat matches a sweater, hopefully I'll have pics of it tomorrow. (All knitted, just needs finished.)

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