Saturday, December 10, 2005

WuleTide Greetings

Hello everyone! First off, before I forget again, I want to invite all my readers to come and celebrate WuleTide with me and the Celtic Queen at the Barnes and Noble at South Hills Village this Friday, December 16 at 7:30 PM. There will be Fun and Knitting and Presents for All and Knitting and lots of WuleTide Cheer and Knitting! And did I mention Knitting?

So, what I've been up to. First off, I was invited out to a friend's for knitting and Holiday cheer. Thank you so much! (It amazes me that people invite me out!) We had a great time! I didn't take pictures, but our hostess was gracious and charming and there was Impressive (and very delicious) food. I didn't even spill anything.

In knitting news, I finished the One Skein Wonder from the pattern my Secret Pal sent me.
I included my lovely hand to give a bit of scale. Just have to ship it off to Evil Twin. I love it! Thanks again Secret Pal, I'll be making alot more of these!

Tomorrow is the Baby Shower. I won't be making the dress I pictured earlier, due to an ordering snafu. Looking at the Patternworks catalog, I saw Cotton Fine in "Cherry" and "Barn Red". Well I wanted a bright red, this was for Christmas, after all. So I ordered the Cherry. I got this.

It's PINK! Have any of you EVER seen a pink cherry? So I called and ordered the "Barn Red." When I ordered the lady said "That's a really bright red, you know." Wish someone would have told me about the "Cherry"! It arrived and it is indeed red.
But I was out of time for knitting the dress I wanted. Fortunately, a few hours after I ordered the yarn I was at the store and found this.The dress I was looking for originally. But would I have ever found it if I hadn't spent the money on enough yarn to make two dresses? I think not.

I 'll use the yarn to make other baby things, or socks or something. In the way of making baby things I got this today (it was backordered from Patternworks):

It's Sirdar "Early Arrivals" book 1. (Just for you, Heather -- I saw Book 2 in the catalog awhile ago, but couldn't get it until I got Book1 first.)

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