Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lots to Blog

I apologize for being gone so long, but I was a bit....busy. I did take some pictures, though, so I have lots to blog about.

Here's Dave, safe and sound in the U.S. Unfortunately, he did not lose his Ugly Hat while he was in China. I haven't seen his Ugly Shirt yet, and I did all the laundry so I can only hope. He seems to be adjusting well to life at home. He says the furniture is much more comfortable (he broke two chairs in China). He does tend to fall asleep in the furniture alot. He is home, home and won't be working until January 2nd -- more on that later.

We celebrated Wuletide last Friday night. Sara, Heather, Stacy and I were in attendance.

There was food (Heather made some fabulous fudge!) and lots of door prizes, so we split them up. Everyone got some yarn -- Celtic Queen and Stacy got yarn to make Fuzzy Feet, and Heather got some sparkly sock yarn. There were also stitch markers for everyone(made by Me!)

When Dave goes back to work on January 2nd he will be flying off to Paris to work for a week. And, I'll be jetting off to join him for a long weekend in Paris the following week. Hurray! Now if I can just find a yarn shop there (Dave brought no yarn back from China).

Here is what I'm knitting now:
this is sock one of a pair, knitted with yarn my Pittsburgh Secret Pal sent me (thanks Holly!)
and here is what I made today, it's a headband (from the Warm Your Ears section in the latest IK) I finished it and started a mitten. I hope to have the mittens and a scarf done for a Christmas gift. Maybe another scarf as well. We'll see. I've got alot of cooking, cleaning, and decorating to do before Christmas. Whatever Dave's been busy doing apparently doesn't involve any of these things. It does, however, involve piling several very large pillows (from the furniture) on the bed and removing the pillowcases from the bed pillows (but leaving them buried in the pile of other pillows.)

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Heather said...

I have no doubt that you will find absolutely delectable fibers in the city of lights. Of course, you may be required to be in possession of said fabulous fibers for your equally fabulous knitting friends to be allowed back in through customs... not that I have any pull that way... darn. We will have to talk. :)