Saturday, December 31, 2005


It's my anniversary, and that's 22 years we're talking about here. Dave and I went out to eat at our favorite local restaurant. Here's a picture of our traditional Anniversary Dessert, the Killer Kookie for Two:

I suppose I'll renew his contract for another year, but we're still in negotiations. Our plans for the rest of the evening include spending time with my in-laws playing board games until midnight. (We live such an exciting life.)

I finished up two projects (using a total of 6 skeins of yarn) today. First off is Celtic Queen's headband and scarf (I'd have given them to her last night, but she blew off knitting group. It was just me and Heather. And we had lots of fun.)

And second was this scarf for my SiL:

which is a belated Christmas gift. (The picture doesn't show, but it's sparkly.) So I'm up to three skeins...I should put something in my sidebar.

I'm off to look up viruses for an assignment for Younger Son.

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hollyboc said...

Happy Anniversary!! On our 22nd anniversary we went to the William Penn (Omni?)for the weekend and the person at the front desk asked my husband if we were celebrating anything special. He said yes, it was our anniversary. When asked how many years, he replied "27". I would have never known this but they sent a bottle of champagne to the room that said, "Congratulations on 27 years together". I think it's safe to say that he really wasn't sure how many years so he just blurted that out. We still laugh about it. I told him that I guess it only SEEMED like 27 years!