Thursday, December 01, 2005

Goodbye to Paradise

Here's my last view of Paradise. I left warm sunny Florida and returned to snow here at home. The weather was great for my trip. We spent several days at the beach. Younger son played on the beach with his cousins and aunt,

made Sand Angels,

and played bocci ball on the beach.

Older Son sat in the shade and read a book.

Although he did venture out to bury his brother in the sand.

We saw a crocodile
(she's about 7 feet long)
and an alligator eating something (someone told us it was a dog). It went into a "death roll" a couple of times while we were there.

And we all played Miniature Golf. Younger Son wants to take golf lessons. What was truly priceless was when the Celtic Queen called to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving, she said the Celtings were out playing in the snow and I said we were about to eat so I had to call the boys in from the pool.

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hollyboc said...

Older son has the same coloring as my oldest daughter. She would have been sitting in the shade reading a book too!! My brother lives in Bradenton... wish I could visit him for a month! Glad you had a good time.